Thursday, October 3, 2013

Turning the odds, and celebrating !

And so, we reach the first goal of 300$ in donations for financing next KoPC update !!!

It's a great day, for all KoPC supporters, and I can't thank you enough for your efforts !!! 

That means I will be able to start working on KoPC future (and more specifically of next good update) ! 

To celebrate this, I focus some effort into opening a brand new blog !
Because blogspot policy forbid almost everything we do on this blog, I think pursuing with it is very unreliable at best, and risky as hell.
The new blog is not in a better position, but at least it is on some private guy server, so we could see problems coming from far ahead, in theory.

So, this blog will be expurged, links will be replaced in coming update, and here's the new url :

Please note it, and see you on the other side ! 

Monday, September 23, 2013

Bad news... and solution ?

Hi everyone !

I got a very bad news indeed : I can't continue working on KoPC like that...

1. The point. 

I mean we are the only ones who want and see this game as it is and could be : freaking limitless !!
Hentai sites don't see it that way at all, no one want to support it, financially.
Except, but lately he just put a lead roof over KoPC blue sky, as he can't follow on the way I go, already very small in my opinion (I could do updates 3 times bigger, if only I had the financial support behind !)

Personnally, I just can't work like that, having to limit myself, where there's thousands of things left to do.
(maatyox just made me a dozen entire new sets sketches ! Yes, material for more than 12 new locations, people !!)
It's been 10 years I'm in that kind of job of creating personnal stuff and sharing them with people, and trying to make a little money and popularity out of it so I could continue offering my best to people.
It leads nowhere, for me, on this system of "work your ass off, and just hope it brings something more, in an hypothetical future where you would be recognized and sponsored"
Been there, done that, never got anything.

All it brings was 10 years of bad luck, depression (you have nooo idea what "personnal creation" and struggle to make it work take from you, psychologically), and so much poverty you wouldn't believe it.
Working my ass off, and then having to beg and beg again to survive from month to month ?
I'm sorry, I can't do that anymore, this system is just fucked up, it should work the other way around, considering how few new fun hentai games are released those days..

So, I will not go down that road again, it's almost physical.

2. The wish.

That said, everyone wish for stuff that cannot work.
Hentai sites, for example, all bet only on "make new games", it's all about "making new games", whatever you say, whatever you can do or not, whatever boring it is and whatever astonishingly better KoPC would be compared to a mini-game.

I CAN'T make new games and DON'T want to, but them people refuse to hear that.
It takes me YEARS each time, I'm not skilled enough to to new graphics and gameplay quickly !
I t would take me one year to make a new mini-game, with one or two fuck poses, one set and poor graphics.
It would take me one month to had 3 new poses, 5 new sets and improved graphics in KoPC.
So WHY the fuck people don't want to listen ?
But moreover : why do they all want me to stop KoPC ??
They're just completely frozen on their vision of limited hentai, they don't want to understand !
In KoPC fetishes can pile up, sets, stories, customizations, gameplay options like xray, futa, anal, pregnancy, foot/tit/blow jobs, gangbangs and so on ! Mini-games can't offer that !
We could also make alternative games INSIDE KoPC, with alternative intro screens and completely different gameplay. It's limitless !!!
But no, deaf deaf deaf, robots talk : "make new game, make new game".
Dead end...

So, financial alternative ?
You wish there was. But like I said, it's been 10 years I'm in that kind of work.
All you can think about, I already tried, and it didn't work at all.
Advertising, partnerships, premium stuff, freemium games, make myself hired somewhere : all dead ends.
The very few stuff that worked a little, it's just unreliable, at best.
How do you think I ended up having nervous breakdown after nervous breakdown ?
In all those options, you just offer pints of your best blood and hope, just hope.
You hope it will be enough, you hope it will convince, you hope you will have enough luck.
And of course, in the end, you just never know, one week after another, if your efforts will be worth it or not, and all your work crush down on a regular basis.
After 10 years of that, I just can't, those kind of system just paralized me.
It's NOT working for me, sorry people, I can't work in that atmosphere.

Of course, why don't do all that for free ?
After all, everyone started like that, and it's not so bad after all, just sharing good stuff for free, good karma.
Yeah... I think you didn't read anything I said : it's been 10 years I work like that. My years of "pleasure to give away" are long gone.
When everything starts to fall apart in your life, and everyone becomes angry mob or just stay put on "please do us another update, your games are great !", writing to you on their iphones and playing WoW and LoL with friends, while your family just starve under blanket because you don't have enough money to eat well and pay for heat in winter and bet on internet jobs to bring you a little something, you start to change a little, I'm sorry...
I don't judge or say anything about those who still have the energy and the will to do free stuff.
But in my case that masochist boat as long sail, I'm done with "hope" or "karma" as work system....

3. The solution ?

So, sad and bitter, yes, but there may be a solution (aside from unexpected miracles).
You will probably don't like that, but it could work.

What I need is to make at least 300$ per update, at least.
If that could be 300$ or more a month, it would be good for me, of course (let's say 500$ for perfection, lol ^^), but let's just focus on "update" more than "month".

What I propose is for YOU to finance those updates, by donations.
We gather money, and each time we reach 300$ or higher, I just start working on next update to release it as soon and as good as possible (villainous bug fixing includes, of course, not like today where we have to wait months before next updates include the fixes)

I bet my shiny ass you don't like that at all, but I'm sorry, I don't see another way for me to work with enough free-mind on all that, given how reluctant and limited hentai sites are to support this project and how unreliable and blurry the planning is, that way.
With this solution, at least we know where we go : everyone (me and you) can see how far we are from next update treshold, and by the time I start working on it I don't have to worry, feel I lose precious time or limit myself, and I can just unleash the beast and work my ass off in the right condition for it !

Of course, there would be stuff to discuss around that : like finding ways to improve transparency, showing or not the contributors, see if it's possible to cumulate your efforts and current sponsors ones to obtain gigantic updates, contributors wish list, etc...

But that way would be the only working way for all of us, to make this project grow as it should grow, instead of losing 90% of my energy just to struggle to earn the right to share pitiful updates. (at the current rate, I will be dead long before we see anything really good happening)
We reach a dead end, for something that just begin to grow and could multiply ten times.
It's the way out, to start getting serious on this great project.
What do you say ? Adventure times, or not ?

Your call ;)


EDIT : already donated by players for next update : 222$
Hentai saviors are rising, so much thx, people, we're almost their for first update goal with this new system !!!

Note : do not hesitate to mention it in donation comment, if you want to stay completely anonymous!
It's ok, I understand perfectly, I too am a "respectable person", IRL.
In those case, I will not even answer by e-mail, to avoid you the inconvenience of having to explain the provenance of the said e-mail, lol, but you have my warm thx anyway !

Note 2 : some contributors don't mind being named, some prefer to stay anonymous, so, in the end, I don't know...
I think I will not make a list for now, we'll see how it goes, and those who want to show their presence and voice their contributation can always add a blog comment, if needed!
(unless you people have some advices about that ? Is it better to mention the donations and list them somehow or not ?)

Saturday, July 6, 2013

Tutorial for creating clothes

After the "making scenarios and campaigns" tutorial, here is the "clothes" tutorial.

First note : KoPC game engine on clothes is kind of a mess.
So keep in mind I do my best, and the system will probably break & evolve from time to time, and that a lot of stuff don't work at all, for now (like dresses or garterbelt), but could work one day, all the clothes engine is "work in progress".
 Be kind, be patient, be open.



1) Templates :
Download templates files' pack here :
You got 3 flash source file in it, and 6 screenshots (3 .jpg and 3 .bmp) of the same thing :
- one template for underwears
- one template for stockings & shoes
- one template for pants & shirts

2) Edit and draw :
Edit those flash files (with flash CS3 or any flash-making software), and draw your clothes in place of existing clothes in the file.
Choose the template corresponding to clothes you want to draw, of course : "template_underwear.fla" for underwears, "pants-shirts.fla" for pants and/or shirts, etc...

2 bis) Alternative draw : 
If you don't want/have a software able to edit those files, you can photoshopped somehow the corresponding screenshots contained in the pack.
It's just a harder that way, for me as for you, and will require additionnal work on my side if I want to integrate your clothes, but that can work, as user "Poli Fem" proves it with his own photoshopped clothes (see pictures below).
 So, I prefer edited flash files, but just do as you can, in the end.

Examples of Poli Fem photoshop clothes ! 

What templates to edit look like...

3) Results : 
Send me the result (edited flash template file or photoshopped picture) at
Like for scenarios or any suggestions, I don't make any promises, but it's easier for sure to include already drawned clothes than having to make everything myself, from scratch, upon a verbal suggestion !
So it just spare me times and increase drastically your chance to have your suggestions included in the game.

4) More clothes : 
Re-download the pack and re-edit original templates as many times as needed to make all your clothes ideas.

5) Special rules :
Drawing rules uses common sense :
- if you want to draw two pants, you will have to edit and send the edited pants template file two times.
- if you want to draw a pant and a shirt, don't lose time editing template file two times : the name is "pant & shirt", just draw the pant and the shirt in the same file !
- if what you draw looks horrible depending on the girl's pose, that's probably not a good idea.
- if what you want to draw need several additions/fixes to templates and don't fit in existing engine, that will probably not be included.
- you don't need to replace everything in the template : if your shirt have no sleeves or neck, don't draw sleeves or neck. If your stocking stop at knees and don't have gloves going with it, stop it at knees and don't draw gloves.
- you can draw long sleeves if needed (it's not in the template but it's possible).
- templates are not similar to the game engine, they are 90% expurged versions of character engine, so keep in mind some stuff that could work in templates could not work well in final game.

6) Miscellaenous
 I can't spend days or weeks to explain or discuss everything not mentionned in this quick tutorial : if in doubt, just try, draw, and send me the result, I will see by myself if that works or not, and edit this tutorial if something comes up.
As for scenarios, I will give you credit everytime I can, but do it for the beauty of having your stuff included or contributing to the game, don't build some moral leverage out of your works to try to push or force me into anything (recognition of some kind or premium status or the hell I know what). It's a bad habit on the web and that works really bad with me. ;)

(meanwhile, I'm still working on the next update for the game, with tons of scenarios contributions from users ! Thanks to them !!)

(regarding finding a new host for this blog (see previous post), it seems tumblr is very open on a lot of stuff. Do some people know their "paypal buttons" policy or rape hentai policy ? If do, please say so ! thx a lot !)

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Writing scenarios & campaign

King of Porn City (KoPC) is open to contributions, especially on scenarios and dialogs contained in the game.
You can send your own scenarios and campaigns at
By sticking to following rules of format, your suggestions will be much more easier to include in the game, so much more likely to be ! 



A list of informations must be given for each scenario, which will help including your ideas into game's existing engine.

1) Campaign : the general campaign in which your scenario occurs.
Example : Rape campaign (which is the main game), Futa campaign, Happy straight sex campaign, or even Custom campaign (see below 'creating a campaign')

2) Set : the set in which your scenario occurs. Important : must be an already existing set !
Example : Warehouse, School, Indian's flat, Photo studio, etc...

3) Title : the title of your scenarios. A short, symbolic and simple title, must be different from any existing titles.
Example : 'Personnal party', 'Birthday gift', 'My own private hell', 'Enjoying my cousin', etc...

4) Intro text : the short text explaining what your scenario is about to players, at the beginning of each stage. (see screenshot)

5) Number of girls : number of girls in the scenario. Try to stay at one, but that's not an obligation.

6) Type of girls : adult (tall) or young (small) ones. Can be a little of each (see "generation" condition below), but avoid it, it's hard to program.
Facultative : you can add a precision ("youngest" for 18 yo only, or "milf" for 30/45 yo)

7) Race of girls : (facultative, random by default) : asian, indian*, caucasian, african, arab, coast girl
* : add sari (indian) costume too.

8) General conditions 1 : you can add one 'condition' in your scenario. It's a facultative option : don't mention it if not needed.
If needed, must use existing conditions. Pick only ONE in below lists at max (not one of each list, one in all lists !) :
Uniform conditions : swimsuit, bunny, schoolgirl, sexy*, casual, convention, dance, dance teacher
Various conditions : grumpy, twin**, goth

* : no tshirt, no pants : just underwears + stocking + gloves.
** : if only two girls in the scenario, make them twins.

9) General conditions 2 : same as General conditions 1 (and facultative too), but can be added to previous condition. Pick only ONE in below lists at max :
Various conditions : twin (see above), generation*, chic**

* : if only two girls in the scenario, make one adult and one young with similar body characteristics (like mother & daughter)
** : add earings, bracelets and glasses to girls. (see 'Fame and pride' scenario in the game)

10) Dialogs : (facultative) you can add specific dialogs for the scenario.
Dialogs are for main male character (female dialogs not programmed yet), must be short and syntax proof.
Dialogs fall in 7 categories, which correspond to the kind of sex pose they can activate in :  titfuck dialogs, regular suck dialogs, deep suck dialogs, hard suck dialogs, regular fuck dialog, deep fuck dialog, hard fuck dialog.
So for each dialog you must precise the category.
If your dialogs don't fit in said category or any category, it will not be kept, alas.

11) Miscellaenous : price, exact location, perversion factor, and all other info will be decided by the creator, for balance purpose between all other scenarios in the game.
Exact costumes and options, if not included in 'general conditions', can't be decided (it's a randomisation engine ! Powerful but wild !)
Note scenarios will still use the main game engine, so it's not a "total conversion", accept that there will be plenty of details here and there corresponding to 'main game', for now.

12) Your alias : the name you want to be credited with !

All those rules and conditions will be updated as game evolves.
Creator keep a right of doing what he thinks he must do with your suggestions (reject them or not, partial inclusion or rejection, etc...), and you must agree to respect that. (or program your own game :p)
Contributors will of course be credited, but there's no money in here.
And don't use your contributions and/or their popularity to make demands.
(sorry for this precision, but there's a lot of people who use that kind of moral leverage to 'push' on creators. I've been pushed to much, don't try me, and don't transform a window of opportunity for the community into an psychological arm-wrestling weapon)



If creating scenarios is not enough for you, you can create your own campaign in the game.
For that, just give :
1) - a short main name for your campaign. If possible : name of the main fetish/idea depicted in your campaign.
2) - the order in which your scenarios must happened. Note that in a custom campaign, scenarios can be chapters following one after another in a main story.

Campaign must contained at least 6 complete scenarios, following the rules of scenario creation above. Exception : precise the campaign's name and your alias only once.
I will not include half-done campaigns (on promises of future additions or not), or new 'whole campaign' of just 2 or 3 quick scenarios.
If you don't have enough material for a real badass campaign, just contribute to other campaigns, there's plenty of room.

Same rules as scenarios regarding updates, creator's right, credits and moral/money leverage.

Sunday, November 13, 2011

First post, blog opening !

Ok, people, I open this blog because I'm always working on various hentai projects of my own, and it seems no  can't find any place to publish it and talk about it on the web !

So, here we go...
If you got something to say, feel free to do so !